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  • Mao, the Great Machiavellian -- Why He Launched the Cultural Revolution
  • Mao and Zhou in 1972
  • The Unrevealed Story of the Anti-Spiritual Pollution Drive----The Reminiscences of an Ex-editor of the People's Daily

  • Rectification Movement Suppresses Enlightenment (abstract, 2000)
  • The Legacy of Mao and the Party-State
  • Reflections on the 1978 Truth-Criterion Debate ----Talk to New England China Seminar, Fairbank Center, Harvard University, December 9, 1998
  • China's Ban on "Bad' News

    Los Angeles Times, November 29, 1998, Sunday, Home Edition

    SECTION Opinion; Part M; Page 2; Opinion Desk

  • Differing Opinions regarding the l978-l979 Democracy Wall
  • Recollections of 1987
  • A Glimpse of America (1978)

    Translated in:  Land without Ghosts : Chinese Impressions of America from the Mid-nineteenth Century to the Present, translated and edited by R. David Arkush and Leo O. Lee (Berkeley : University of California Press, c1989).