Wang Ruoshui

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讣    闻

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  Dear Friends of Wang Ruoshui,

   We at the Fairbank Center for East Asian Research are deeply saddened by Wang Ruoshui's recent passing. His impact upon so many aspects of   contemporary Chinese intellectual life was profound. And, having twice spent   time as a visiting scholar at the Fairbank Center, his friendships with many  Center affiliates ran deep.

   In honor of Wang Ruoshui's extraordinary contributions, the Fairbank Center is planning a symposium on "The Role of Wang Ruoshui and his  Associates in China's Reforms," to be held at Harvard on May 15, 2002. We   hope that you will be able to join us for this special program.

   To further express our intellectual respect and personal affection for  Wang Ruoshui, members of the Fairbank Center community have established a book fund in his name. The fund supports the acquisition of books for the Fairbank Center Library in Wang Ruoshui's main areas of interest. Each volume purchased with the fund will carry a book plate marking it as part of the Wang Ruoshui Collection. If you would like to contribute to this memorial fund, please send your contribution to 

"Wang Ruoshui Book Fund"

  Fairbank Center for East Asian Resesarch

  Harvard University

  1737 Cambridge Street

  Cambridge, MA 02138


   Yours sincerely,

    Elizabeth J. Perry


  Elizabeth J. Perry

  Henry Rosovsky Professor of Government

  Director, Fairbank Center for East Asian Research

  Harvard University

  1737 Cambridge St.

  Cambridge, MA 02138